Kick your Best: get fit, feel stronger and boost confidence at KB Fitness in a safe, fun and vibey environment. The ambience in our training space is rare and consequently very special. Egos are kicked out the door at KB. A relaxed and welcoming group of instructors and training peers await you. All Members are free to be themselves, without discrimination of any kind.



Our classes are not just about physical arms and legs being converted into punches and kicks. But instead, our instructing team's intention is to teach on a spiritual level, to bring out the fire within you, so that you're roaring and soaring in and outside of our dojo.

KB Kickboxing is the Kickboxing wing of KB Fitness and currently offers martial arts classes to adults for complete beginners through to black belts in Central London. We are the only school in London to offer points and continuous fighting, as well as Lau style Kung Fu. All of our Martial Arts classes are conducted by fully qualified Instructors; the foundations of the classes rest securely on ancient martial arts as opposed to aerobic qualifications. 



Female Instructor, Kelly Bunyan, 1st Degree Black Sash in Kung Fu and 4th Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing, formed KB Kickboxing in 1999. The London Martial Arts club is affiliated to two global associations: United Martial Arts International and WAKO. Kevin Brewerton established UMAI; it has a reputation for the highest degree of excellence. The president, Kevin Brewerton, is recognised internationally for his contributions to and his expertise in the world of Martial Arts.

Please note that the Martial Arts training within our school is highly controlled. The focus of our classes is not to hit hard and 'damage' other members of the class - everybody's got to go to work the next day after all. Violence and aggression do not exist in KB Kickboxing's vocabulary. Our lessons are semi-contact, focused on boosting morale, not demoralising. Any over-zealous people are asked to leave. In fact, our classes can cater to people who would prefer to have no contact at all. Sparring and focus mitt work (contact work) are certainly not compulsory if preferred. The workout can be just as great in the air, without a partner.

Our intention is to teach an art form, improve our Members' confidence and fitness, at the same time as providing the forum for making new friends and having lots of fun.

Each student is free to progress at their own pace. In the earlier stages of training, there is no pressure to get things absolutely 'right' but always encouragement and guidance to try and improve technical performance.

To see if our Kickboxing classes at KB Kickboxing are suited to you, please take a look at our lessons online here: CLASS FOOTAGE. Feel free to visit our training centre in Euston to view a class.