A staged syllabus can be highly rewarding. The blue belt can usually be taken after the first six months of classes - provided the student's attendance has been high. The Green Belt could be taken 6 months later. The Orange Belt after one year, then Purple, Brown and Black require at least one-two year intervals.

Watch a section of one our gradings in action here:



A student could strive to become a black belt within 6-7 years. Outstanding students may well be fast tracked, attaining their black belt within 5-6 years.

KB Sundays at KB Kickboxing are so uplifting, watch a summary of the day here:



Attendance of SELF DEFENCE classes are part of the grading process, so that KB Black Belts are all-round martial artists (fee payable per class). Watch some of the self defence requirements for a Black Belt Grading:



KB Kickboxing and UMAI endeavour to keep standards very high. As a result Martial Arts Instructors from different UK clubs are present at each grading to ensure that the students deserve to be awarded their belts.

Watch how happy Helen and Kasia are after their KB Grading: