The Chief Instructor, Kelly Bunyan, is assisted by a team of highly qualified, proficient Instructors. All Instructors are Senior Grades in Kickboxing and most are Black Sashes in Kung Fu. Meet them here:

Kelly Bunyan started Lau Gar Kung Fu in 1985. She attained Black Sash standard in 1991. She is also a 4th Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing. Her instructor, Kevin Brewerton, who features in a video below, was a five time World Champion. Semi-contact sparring was an important part of the syllabus, which captured Kelly's interests - hence her desire to take up Kickboxing and later form 'KB Kickboxing.'

She believes that people can benefit greatly in the areas of self-confidence, physical conditioning, and personal growth through Martial Arts training in London and absolutely loves passing on her knowledge of Kung Fu and Kickboxing. With 33+ years of experience, Kelly has a wealth of knowledge to pass on to all who train with her. 

Kelly introduce's herself here:


Dalia Terret attained Black Belt standard in Judo in 1993. She took up Kickboxing in later years. She is also a 3rd Dan Kickboxing Black Belt. Dalia's role is to lay solid foundations for all KB Members' Martial Art careers, whilst motivating her students to a point of KB addiction. All KB Members are prepared for their first two belts (Blue and Green) by Dalia. After 1-2 years of training with Dalia, students can begin to progress to Kelly's advanced classes. Dalia loves being key in her students' progression from one level to the next. Professional and approachable, she'll get you hooked.

Jess Baker, Jane Hamilton, Nicki Davis, Jenny Whinney and Catherine Cooper-White complete the KB Kickboxing teaching team; they share Kelly and Dalia's passion to pass on all that they have gained from the martial arts to the school's students.

All KB Instructors are qualified, First Aided and hold licences for insurance purposes, awarded to them by WAKO - a respected body which has many representatives throughout the world. They have the ability to motivate, instil discipline and confidence, at the same time as being patient and committed to ensuring that each and every one of their students is satisfied with their progress.

All KB Fitness's instructors are female.

As mentioned above, Kelly Bunyan was taught by 5 time world champion, Kevin Brewerton. He fully endorses the standard of training and instruction at KB Fitness: