KB Members are addicted to KB Kickboxing for so many reasons; you can watch and read some of those reasons below. Firstly though, the true Great of his generation, 5 time world champion, Kevin Brewerton, fully endorses the standard of training and instruction at KB Fitness:



Watch the videos below to learn why students love their training so much. 






A further selection of our Members' comments can be read beneath; see how beneficial our Kickboxing classes can be.

"I'm loving it. SO glad that I joined up back in April - a big positive point this year! The school is ego and attitude what other environment does that happen? Super friendly, fun and safe." Sian Baker, Accounts Assistant, 27

"Your unlimited scheme is an absolute BARGAIN! Wish I'd found your school sooner, I've never felt fitter now that I'm training so much more a week - it really is just £4 per class when I go mad. The instruction is top level. We're encouraged to do our best and we just get better and better with such great guidance." Aaron Jenkins, Lawyer, 35

"I'd just like to say a big thank you to the teaching team that helped me get my blue belt yesterday. It has given me a great sense of achievement, having gone from "Asthma Boy" at school who could hardly make it through any sporting event which required physical endurance to finishing an hour of the most rigorous exercise I have ever done. I only wish my old Games teacher could see me now, I think he would be very surprised!" Sam Williams, Artist, 22

"Absolutely bloody loved the starter class last night. Am really looking forward to the next lesson. I am committed and have already decided that I would like to aim for a belt - I had no idea that I'd be so hooked so quickly. I was so scared but I was really taken care of. I'll never forget the kindness and welcoming environment that put me at ease." John Hughes, Adminstrator, 42

"I also wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn martial arts at a later stage in life (as lots of people first learn when they are much younger!!). 'Your school has always been one where people from all different backgrounds can easily train without fear of any kind of prejudice, which is largely down to you as you won't tolerate that type of rubbish. Although this has been a crap year for me, when I look back for positive experiences, I must say, they have mainly been KB experiences - so once again a BIG THANK YOU!" Anne Davidson, Driving Instructor, 53

"I must say, KB is the most well-run and member-y sports club/centre I've ever encountered." Sean Wilcox, School Teacher, 29

"Thank you for teaching me, you do a great job and I've thoroughly enjoyed your classes. To be honest I really can't imagine life now without kickboxing, I love everything about the school.' Adam Jones, Events Management, 26

"Thoroughly enjoyed my first class, completely non threatening, even though I was a tad nervous of being un-co, felt at ease with everyone I worked with. This really is a credit to your school as you hear so many horror stories." Jason Hill, Personal Trainer, 31

"I think your classes and philosophy is great! I tried a few schools before finding yours and your school stands miles ahead of the competition...well done for providing such a special training environment!" Harriet Coleman, Student, 19

"And finally I would just like to add to all the great feedback you are getting. Well done for creating such an amazing kick boxing academy which is having such a positive impact on everyone. I love the classes and am grateful for such excellent, professional and enthusiastic instruction. I agree with the 'long email' person in that you have all created more than just a kick boxing school, but a space where people can train together and gain both physical and psychological well being in a community of diverse people who come to share such honourable values. You should be commissioned by the NHS as an exemplar in promoting social inclusion and good health! Full respect to KB.' Alison Hamilton, Compliance, 32

"Training is going well, I enjoy it very much. It's a special place to be and I guess you have heard that many times before :-)" Rupert Samson, IT Manager, 22