Although training at KB Kickboxing is quite different to the street fighting system taught at KB SELF DEFENCE, the Kickboxing classes do provide certain beneficial elements of self defence.

See a class in action here:


> Kickboxing improves self-esteem. Just by walking taller and more confidently as a result of training, KB Members become less of a target. An attacker will always prey on people they believe to be weaker.

> Focus pad training teaches range - knowing where to be stood to land a punch or kick. Understanding the length of your arms and legs would help if ever you had to strike somebody in defence.

> Ultimately sparring (contact with full equipment) is the best form of self defence within our Kickboxing training. It teaches the above range, but with more realistic movement. Your target moves, therefore you need to move. Plus, because they are striking you (in a controlled, safe manner), you work your timing, reflex actions, blocks etc. It's exhilarating.

> Because your fitness is pushed to a whole new unique level, even if you're a regular gym attendee, you'll be best placed to be able to run away and keep running.

KB Self Defence classes are required for each Kickboxing grading, so that all KB Members are all-round Martial Artists.

Despite being strangled and pinned to the wall and floor, KB Self Defence members love learning such empowering self defence. In fact, take a peak at the KB Self Defence section of a KB Kung Fu Black Sash grading, Nicki is super strong and proficient: