Kickboxing is a dynamic sport, evolving from the practice of many different Martial Arts. It is a recent sport, originating in the US during the 1970's. Essentially it is boxing with kicks (Karate/Kung Fu/Tae Kwon Do) - combining Western and Eastern techniques.

KB Kickboxing's approach to teaching Kickboxing techniques is quite revolutionary in the world of Martial Arts. Kelly Bunyan's style of Kickboxing is very different to all other Kickboxing schools; it is unique. She has applied her extensive knowledge of Kung Fu, Boxing and Kickboxing to ensure that Martial Arts is accessible to all. Footwork, kicks, punches, blocking techniques and fighting tactics are taught. Her pupils' skills are perfected by sparring (controlled, equipped contact practice) with other students, in order to learn how to judge distances, timing and contact.

This video provides a great insight into the lessons at KB Kickboxing:



Sparring is not obligatory, but if you do choose to follow this path, this is the kind of instruction you can expect:



KB Kickboxing Members do not have to spar unless they choose to; as long as everybody is happy, Kelly and her team do not mind who does and who doesn't. Kickboxing improves fitness, flexibility and stamina - an excellent workout that's safe and fun.

Unlike most other schools, in the early stages, KB training involves punching, kicking, blocking, spinning and jumping. Usually, jump and spinning techniques are reserved for more experienced students. Our view however is that the advanced techniques are so difficult, the sooner our Members start practising them, the sooner they can begin to master them.

Each class lasts for one hour. The lesson begins with a 10 minute warm-up, which incorporates punching and blocking. After a 7-10 minute stretch, the remainder of the class involves kicking and punching - either in the 'air', or onto focus mitts.

Watch some of the advanced KB Members striking the focus mitts (they are training at a much faster and higher level than a beginner is expected to deliver):





New ideas and techniques are introduced week by week. The first classes should be treated as a starting block. Starting from the basic stance, students learn the Kickboxing moves step by step. Rather than being thrown in with higher grades and expected to copy, students are surrounded by other beginners and special attention is given so that all involved are learning at a speed that is suited to them. Every lesson provides new Kickboxing tips and advice.

Our lessons meet the demands of the experienced and fit, as well as complete beginners and those of us whom could be fitter. All the classes will push you consistently through new limits, although you will be encouraged to choose your own pace throughout the session. An example: if the task is to throw 2 side kicks, you can kick just once if that is sufficient for you; after a few classes you’ll be able to do 2.

Provided protective equipment is purchased, the majority of our lessons incorporate sparring, semi-contact fighting. Some of our students never wish to spar, which is absolutely fine. There is never any contact with another person for these students, they just work in the air or onto focus pads.

Fitness will undoubtedly improve within the first few weeks as the body is strengthened and conditioned. Every muscle in your body will become more defined. Be prepared to ache a little after the first class, as you will discover muscles that have never been used before.

The opportunity to follow the Kickboxing Syllabus and take Gradings is possible, advancing belt by belt up to black belt standard. Perhaps just improving your fitness is of interest to you - your choice - you are free to clearly define your own goals. The classes are there for your benefit and can therefore be tailored to your needs.

All in all the classes really work you hard. The music and collective ki-ai (breathing out loud to harness inner energy) keeps your adrenaline going and the buzz comes from the high-energy routine. A great work out, leaving you feeling fantastic afterwards.

The lessons are not 'set to' music as such, the beat is just a motivational force working with the Instructor to push you.

KB Fitness Academy's Self Defence and Kung Fu classes incorporate numerous additional techniques - such as knife defence, elbows, knees, strangulation defence and basic street fighting tips. Self Defence classes are a requirement of the grading process, to ensure that the school's Kickboxers are not lulled into a false sense of security, as regards their personal safety.